Nanotechnology promises significant societal benefits. The technology should be developed in a way that not only identifies and minimizes potential risks to human health and the environment but also helps preserve the potential market for the technology against unwarranted claims of adverse impact. The American Chemistry Council supports and promotes the safe use and manufacture of the products of nanotechnology. In particular, ACC believes that:

  1. Federal agencies should increase funds for research and development in methods for assessing the impact of nanotechnology on environment, health and safety, and for programs to apply those methods in research on nanoscale materials.

  2. Global coordination of regulatory, research and standard-setting activities should be encouraged so that nanomaterials do not face a patchwork of regulations, and to promote regulatory convergence in the major regulatory programs.

  3. Existing regulatory frameworks for chemical manufacturing and use, including occupational safety and health and consumer product regulation, should be assessed to assure that they are robust enough to evaluate nanomaterials, taking into account scientific advances in the characterization and properties of such materials.

  4. ACC will work with regulatory agencies where necessary to promote the development of responsible laws, regulations, guidance and standard approaches for nanotechnology that safeguard the community, workplace and environment.

  5. The product stewardship principles reflected in programs such as ACC’s Global Chemicals Management Policy and the Responsible Care Management Systems® apply to nanotechnology-related activities.

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